How to Measure A Room For Carpet

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When measuring for your carpet there are several factors which can affect the appearance of your carpet.

1.  Since carpet is manufactured in either 12 foot or 15 foot widths, the carpet will need to be pieced together if your room is wider then carpet you select.When piecing carpet, the carpet needs to be laid in the same direction.  If it is not laid in the same direction the carpet pieces will look different because of the way the carpet fibers are woven.  This is because the carpet nap lays down one way and stands up the other way and looks darker one way and lighter the other way.  Although it may seem like you can save a couple of yards by 'flipping' a piece to fit in a room or hall, it will be obvious and look bad if the adjoining pieces don't have the nap running in the same direction. All connecting rooms need to lay down the same direction.
Like wallpaper, some carpets have a pattern match that must be figured into the total and you must know the pattern repeat. Seams should be located away from traffic paths when possible.

The ABC's of carpet measuring will  give you a basic estimate:

Step A

Draw a simple diagram of your home and ensure the measurements are accurate.  If you have a two story home, then do two drawings, one for upper , one for lower.

Step B

Measure each room and write down the measurements on your diagram. Round up each measurement to the nearest 1/2 foot mark. For example; if your room is 15 feet 3 inches long, round it up to 15 feet 6 inches or 15.5.

If your room is 15 feet 8 inches long round it up to 16 feet or 16.0

Always mark the length first, then the width (ie 15 x 10.5)

Step C

Make a list of your measurements and multiply the length by the width of each room. Then add them up for a total square footage.  for example:

Living room           27.5 x 15.0 = 412.5

Hall                      16.0 x   4.5 =   72.0

Bedroom 1           16.0 x   9.5 = 152.0

Bedroom 2           16.0 x   9.5 = 152.0

__________________________788.5 square feet

Step D

Add 10% to the total. This makes allowances for seams and other extra carpet needed to complete the job.

788 + 78 = 866 square feet

To get the total yardage, divide the square footage by 9.

866 divided by 9 = 96.22 square yards.

Measuring Carpet for Stairs:

Measuring for stairs can be tricky. Some stairs are wrapped over one or both sides and some have to be upholstered requiring additional material, some are pie shaped and are very difficult to measure, and some have landings that must be considered. Be sure to allow a little extra depending on how you want them wrapped.

Room Yardage Chart:

NOTE: You can usually buy carpet in widths of 12 and 15 feet. If you have a room that is 10 feet by 10 feet you will have to buy a carpet that is 12 feet by 10 feet. If you have a room wider than 12 feet but less than 15 feet, you can can buy a 15 foot wide carpet.  Any room wider than 15 feet will need to have a seam. For example: a room 18 feet by 18 feet will require a 3 foot seam along one side of the room.

There will almost always be some excess carpet. This is to be expected.